About Anna


I'm glad you found your way here. My name is Anna and I am originally from Hamburg. Since I was little I wanted to live where the mountains are, so I decided to move to Switzerland in 2015.

Why Annanda? After a creative discovery phase and many rejected ideas, I came across the name Ananda in a yoga magazine, which means as much as happiness. To personalize the name, an "n" was added and Ananda became Annanda. During further research I discovered that Annanda comes from the Latin word "annare" and means "to live through a year", "to swim through something".


In 2015, after long travels and some interruptions, I completed my Bachelor's degree in Educational Science and German as a Foreign Language. Alongside my work as a youth worker, I am currently expanding my business as a private German teacher and train my dog as part of a dog therapy programme.




  • I greatly enjoy doing outdoor activities – running, snowboarding, climbing and surfing. I also enjoy learning new languages and exploring new cultures..
  • The best thing that happened to me lately is adopting my dog, Bucky. At the moment we are training as a team of pedagogical and therapy companion dogs.
  • Yoga and meditation give me great joy, but unfortunately I still lack regularity.
  • I love open air festivals.
  • My family is very important to me.


I hope you enjoy reading, writing, learning and laughing on my homepage and I am looking forward to every comment.


All the best,