I´m teaching German wherever and whenever you want as far as I´m available. I studied German as a foreign language in Bielefeld (Germany) and I´ve been teaching in schools and private in Hamburg, Madrid and Switzerland. I offer A1 to C2 German lessons, support for school or university, as well as business German.


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Learning German means to acquire new skills, personally as well as job related.

In business German is important to connect with your German partners to improve your relations, to connect and being successful.

The Knowledge of German increases your opportunities in jobs and with foreign companies in Switzerland or abroad. It supports in being productive for employers in global business relations.

German is the second most common language used in science and research. Germany belongs to the three biggest contributors to research and development. It offers scholarships to students and fellowships to scientists from abroad.

Developments in media, information and communication technology requires  a multilingual communication. Loads of important websites are in German and Germany is ranked number 5 in terms of annual publications of new books worldwide. The knowledge of German provides you extended access to informations.

Learning German means gaining an insight into the lives, wishes and dreams of people in German-speaking countries with their multicultural society. It offers you an extensive cultural understanding.